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Mission Statement

S&S Auto Registration works closely with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to process your vehicle requirements in a professional and timely manner.

Historically, it has been known that a visit to the DMV can be a stressful experience. Due to the increasing number of drivers in California, and government freezes reducing the number of staff at the DMV to meet these high demands, the stress affects everyone causing tempers to flare. One single DMV office processes approximately 35,000 applications per day.

At S&S Auto Registration we have over 16 years experienced in preparing and completing forms, calculating taxes, estimating costs, and assuring that you have all the necessary documentation to register your vehicle without any worry. Most importantly, avoiding the long lines and time spent at the DMV and helping you avoid frustration and stress.

Did you know that the average waiting time at DMV is about five hours to complete a transaction. This average waiting time does not include the time wasted having to refill out forms because they were not properly filed out. The longest wait times at the DMV occur as follows: During the lunch hour, Mondays and Fridays, during the first and last week of the month, and on days before or just following a holiday. Does that sound like everyday of the week?

S&S Auto Registration has a reputed average wait time of 15 minutes. Don't have 15 minutes to spare, it’s as easy as dropping off all necessary documentation by 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday only, and having it in your hands by 5:30 p.m. the same day.

If we encounter any problems with your transaction and need additional time, no need to worry S&S Auto Registration will provide you with the proper permits and provisional paperwork so you can drive your vehicle without any problems.

Sound too good to be true? Read our testimonials to see what our clients have said about our staff and services we provide. Call or stop by our office and experience for yourself our professionalism. We look forward to helping you.



the S&S Team

About S&S

S&S Auto Registration started 15 years ago when the founder and company president Sandra Gomez decided to help a friend with a DMV registration problem. Sandra holds a degree in business administration, and has over 10 years of experience working for a multi-national company as an import/export manager. Sandra prides herself in being bilingual in Spanish and English. She took her keys and hit the road to the nearest DMV office.

Never having dealt with the DMV and with no experience in the field, Sandra took the challenge and after several attempts she completed one of the most difficult DMV processes, a Title Reconstruction. A process that involves researching the vehicles history, registered owner of record, lien holder, and all the dealers in which the vehicle had been in its inventory since its production. Sandra went as far as calling the manufacturer of the 1965 Chevy and only having as much as the last 6 numbers of VIN number.

Easy to do right? Just try and do it yourself.

Sandra quickly realized how complicated and exhausting this DMV process was and wondered how a sole individual who works for a living had to waste so much of their time trying to fix this problem without any help? More and more, Sandra found people began requesting her assistance.

In no time she decided to start her first self employed venture, S & S Enterprises in Paramount. Located in a very small office space inside a family members small car dealership with just one desk and some office supplies, Sandra start doing business.

S&S Enterprises began to grow, and customers started to form lines outside the office just to ask for simple advice.

Word of Sandra’s DMV expertise became well known around the area, and Sandra began having clients from different cities, states, and other countries.

S&S Enterprises was a success, and discovered that the small office could no longer accommodate the large number of customers it was seeing on a daily basis.

In order to accommodate the larger number of customers, S&S Enterprises moved to a bigger location, which is our current location at 14731 Garfield Avenue in Paramount. With a bigger office meant bigger things for S&S Enterprises, having the ability to offer customers more services. S&S Enterprises became S&S Auto Registration and Insurance Services.

With over 16 years of experience, Sandra's training in the automobile registration field has earned her a respectable reputation for her exceptional honesty, professionalism, cordiality, and exceptional customer service.

S&S Auto Registration and Insurance Services is well known and respected by companies in the DMV Registration Services Industry.

Some Registration Services may say they know what they are doing with your DMV process just to have your business, but our years of experience speak for themselves.

We don’t tell you what you want to hear just to have your business, we tell you the truth and advise you on how to proceed. If there is a possible and legal solution, we will get it done.


That is our Promise to You.