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  • Lien Sales

    Lien Sales

    If you serviced a car or towed a car and its registered owner has not paid you for the services, a Lien Sales can be filed to sell the vehicle....

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  • Disabled Plates

    Disabled Plates

    S&S Auto Registration can help you obtain a disabled placard or license plates. We can also help you obtain a substitute placard if your original was lost or stolen....

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  • Commercial Partial Year Registration

    Commercial Partial Year Registration

    Any commercial motor vehicle that will not be used the entire year may be registered using the Commercial Partial Year Registration for a period of one month or more, but not to exceed 12 months....

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  • Change of Address

    Change of Address

    Have you moved and failed to report it to the DMV? No need to wait in lines at the DMV for a simple form. Call or visit S&S Auto Registration where you'll find our service friendly and hassle free....

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  • Motor Carrier Permit

    Motor Carrier Permit

    Any person who is paid to transport property in their personal vehicle regardless of size must obtain a Motor Carrier Permit. Not sure if you need a Motor Carrier Permit, stop by S&S Auto Registration and one of our friendly staff will assist you....

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